Red Wine vs White Wine Glasses

 Are you ready to get your drink on this holiday season?  Well, I like to think of the holidays as a sophisticated time, aka a great time to drink wine!  A lot of the fun in drinking wine though is the whole experience that comes along with it.  It’s just not the drinking, it but also the swirling of the liquid and the “tasting with your nose” concepts that make you feel so classy when participating.

When serving wine though, you don’t want to serve a bunch of mismatching glasses.  Wine is one of those things that if you are going to serve it, you want to serve it right.  Go big or go home I say.  If your wine glasses don’t match, your restaurant or catered event will look unprepared and lack that air of sophistication that you are aiming for.  Restaurant Source has highlighted a whole slew of Libbey wine glasses this holiday season including the Bristol Valley, Embassy, Citation, Vina, and Stemless lines so you can ensure that all of your glasses match.  You can choose from red wine or white wine glasses as well as shape, volume and whether you want your glasses to have a stem. 

A wine glass generally has three main parts: the base, the stem and the bowl.  Yes, there is a difference in red and white wine glasses.  You don’t want to serve your delicious wine in the wrong kind of glass and have your customers/guest correct you.  How embarrassing! Red wine glasses are generally wider in order to allow the wine to oxidize.  Oxidation occurs in red wine when oxygen comes into contact with the liquid, and therefore enhances the taste and aroma.   The wider glasses allow more of the wine to come into contact with the oxygen because the liquid itself has a larger exposed surface area.

While white wine glasses are similar, they are constructed to serve a different purpose.  The bowl of the glass is not as wide as red wine glasses because white wine is not meant to oxidize.  The more narrow bowls allow a smaller amount of surface area to come in contact with the air.  White wine glasses are also meant to be held by the stem so that your body temperature does not effect the chilled temperature of the wine.

Libbey Wine Glasses

Vina Wine Glasses

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