Start Out The New Year With Clean Dishes!

 I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend and is gearing up for the new year!  Now that Christmas is over, it’s time to clean up!  All of those dirty dishes can be overwhelming if you have to wash them by hand.  To make this daunting task a lot more manageable, make sure you are using a dish washer to sanitize your dishes.

If you have a high volume commercial restaurant, you will most likely have a person who operates the dish pit in order to scrub all the grime/residue off of your dishes. In order to sanitize all of these dishes after they are washed, you will also need a commercial dish machine. Even if you are not a high volume establishment, but you do enough dishes that a three compartment sink is not enough, you will still need a dish machine. An easy to use dish machine is ideal in this situation since you don’t employee an actual person to wash your dishes and operate the machinery.

Often times, dish pits are tight on space, therefore making an undercounter dish machine ideal.  The Avenger Low Temperature Undercounter Dishwasher from Jackson is great because it operates at a lower temperature, and it is ENERGY STAR approved. It also fits easily into the space underneath your sinks/counters so you don’t have to worry about additional dish room space. 

This low temp model is made of stainless steel and has space for 24 racks of dishes, allowing it to wash up to 600 dishes or 864 glasses per hour! It only uses 1.2 gallons of water per rack, making your water bill cheaper in the long run (and we all know how much I like saving money). This model has a built in detergent and rinse pump so your employees don’t have to worry about adding extra liquid. The simple controls and push button start is easy for anyone to operate regardless of what language they speak.  The cycle only takes two minutes, and the unique timer also allows the machine to be customized for extended cycle times should you need additional washing.  Sanitizing dishes doesn’t get much easier then this, just rinse and load…Free shipping too!

Avenger Low Temperature Undercounter Dishwasher from Jackson

Jackson AVENGER LT - Avenger Undercounter Dishwasher- Low Temp

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