Manitowoc vs Scotsman Ice Machine Super Bowl

 It’s almost Super Bowl Sunday!  Which team will you be rooting for?  Do you have enough drinks and food to go around? You may have enough drinks, but do you have enough ice to keep all of those drinks cold?

Restaurant Source is having our own version of the Super Bowl: Manitowoc vs Scotsman Ice Machines!  Choose from a variety of ice machines and bins from your preferred vendor. Don’t know which vendor you prefer?  Check out the information below to determine which machine suits your needs the best, rather then just basing it on which vendor name you like better…

Scotsman and Manitowoc are the two largest commercial ice machine manufacturers.  They both produce dependable, efficient, and durable models, so how do you choose between them?

Manitowocis best known for its ease of repair.  No machine is perfect, and is therefore bound to break down at some point.  The evaporator plate is the most important component of any ice maker.  If this breaks, you want to make sure that it is easy to get to for repairs.  Manitowocice machines have an easily accessible evaporator.  Manitowoc plates are coated with nickel whereas Scotsman evaporator plates are coated with tin.  Many restaurant owners tend to prefer the nickel coated evaporators.

On the other hand, Manitowoc machines are much easier to clean (yes, you HAVE to clean any ice machine you purchase). These machines have a cleaning process that takes less then 30 minutes to finish.

Regardless of which factor is most important to you, you will be making a good investment with both Scotsman or Manitowoc machines.  This two vendors/teams should make for a good Super Ice Bowl matchup!

Manitowoc vs Scotsman Ice Machines

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