A Quick Way to Heat Up Food On The Go

How can you not be a fan of the microwave oven?  It’s a huge convenience when you are catering events and you just need to heat up something quickly.  Often times you cater events where you don’t have access to any type of cooking equipment or kitchen, and therefore must prepare everything ahead of time.  However most catered meals generally involve some sort of hot food.  You don’t want to serve that hot food cold so you will need some type of portable heating source.  Since you can’t really bring a six burner induction range with you (not exactly travel friendly), one way to work around this dilemma is to bring a compact commercial microwave oven as a source of last minute heating.

The Compact Commercial Microwave Oven from Panasonic has a key touchpad with 10 different programmable memory buttons.  These ten memory pads have the capacity to hold up to 20 different “quick pick” programmable options!  This microwave oven offers 6 different power levels so you can do everything from defrost to cook.  This stainless steel microwave comes with a door handle rather then a button to easily open the see through oven door. Fun fact: the door hinges alone are tested 400,000 times – that’s not a number you joke about!  

Compact Commercial Microwave Oven from Panasonic

Panasonic NE-1054F - Compact Commercial Microwave Oven- 1,000 Watts


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