What Better Time Then Mother’s Day for Some Musical Chairs?

 Today’s post is everybody’s favorite wedding topic!  Get your head out of the gutter, I’m talking about chairs!!

Most catered events such as Easter, Mother’s Day or weddings in general involve some sort of sit down meal.  Most people feel that if you are going to have a sit down meal, it would be appropriate to supply chairs as well.  I know we all love squatting to strengthen our quads, but generally, a fancy brunch or evening event is not the time to get in a workout.

Some people choose to rent chairs and tables, but in all honesty, when you rent you don’t really know what you are getting.  Besides that, odds are you are involved in an establishment that will use said chairs again in the near future so why go through the additional hassle?

If you are looking for some multi-purpose chairs, check out the Maywood Stacking Chairs.  They are classy and sophisticated, but still can be packed nicely in storage space.  They Max Chairs are also great for using with chair covers on those special days, while the Chiavari Chairs are elegant all on their own and are offered in both basic and metallic colors.

After all, what event isn’t complete without a solid game of musical chairs?! (That’s a joke…)

Maywood Stacking Chairs

Maywood MMAXWH - Max Chair, stacking, resin, permarez finish, whiteMaywood MMAXCHWHT - Max Chiavari Stacking Chair, resin, white

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