Can You Still Yell ‘Opa’ if You Break a Glass?

May is quickly approaching, which means Mother’s Day is just around the corner!  You know mom wants to celebrate her special day with some adult beverages.  Maybe some mimosas with brunch or wine with dinner?  Your job as a restaurant/caterer is to make sure that you are prepared with enough stemware/glassware to appease mom’s order.  Glassware breaks weekly at most establishments so it is important to prepare ahead of time. 

Since you know you will have to buy more eventually anyways, why not buy a larger amount of glassware at once and save on future shipping costs?  For a limited time, you can purchase five or more cases of any variety of Libbey Glassware and receive 5% off your total Libbey glass purchase!  Choose from a large variety of stemware, decanters, bar glasses, shot glass, etc.  Mix and match to your hearts content.

Oh, and in answer to the question above regarding the yelling of “Opa” – of course you can!!

Libbey Glassware

Glassware and Decanters


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