May Days, Cinco De Mayo, Mother’s Day and the Beginning of Ice Machine Season!

Dennis Hawaii


Yes, it’s that time of year!!  Given that you don’t live in Colorado like me, and it wasn’t 23 degrees and snowing outside yesterday, Spring has begun!  No more icy roads, winter coats, and boots.  Instead, we break out the tank tops, shorts and bathing suits and sip on some ice cold drinks by the pool to keep ourselves from melting.  What’s that you say, you’re out of ice so you have to serve lukewarm drinks?!  Ummm, huge no no… I just can’t let you do that…

You no longer have to go to the grocery store and buy bags upon bags of ice.  I mean, how do you think those bags of ice even got there in the first place?  Do you really think the ice making companies use magic elves and individual ice trays for all of that ice?  If so, well then you need to do some manual ice bagging of your own…  If not, then you recognize these companies have taken a more efficient route to get you that ice.  The ice itself comes from machines producing hundreds of pounds of ice per hour depending on the size of the machine.

Now that you know these ice companies don’t employee magic elves to do all the work, you no longer have to go to the grocery store to buy hundreds of pounds of ice.  Whether you have a broken ice machine and are already familiar with the workings of one, or have yet to venture into the ice machine arena, I highly recommend further exploring Scotsman Ice Machines.  This line is very efficient and contains a variety of sizes for you to choose from.

Scotsman is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of ice machines and ice machine accessories.  They are the leading supplier of smarter efficiency machines that decrease utility and water costs, while increasing the amount of ice produced.  Scotsman makes all kinds of ice machines including nugget, flake and cube ice.  Plus, right now Scotsman prices are too low to advertise so you have to check these products out on the actual Restaurant Source site, rather then just take my word for it.  A majority of the items are stock items too which means they will ship within 24 hours of your order!

Scotsman Ice Machines



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