Rethinking Muffin Tins

MV8737_ProffittIt’s a little bent, splotched in carbonized bits of cake batter dripped across from one paper to the next, and totally forgotten because there’s no need to make cupcakes this month.  Secretly though, we know that muffin tin needs to be thrown away but we so rarely use it, why buy another one?

Well, dig that old tin out, or better yet give it the ol’ heave-ho and get yourself a new one because muffin tins aren’t for just muffins anymore.  They’re being used to create savory meals that as a plus are perfect portions for the health minded and are just adorable for presentation sake.

This isn’t a new trend, just one that’s become more and more embraced and interesting over the last year or two.  One need only google “muffin tin” and recipes pops right into place.

Some of my favorites –

Betty Crocker’s Muffin-Tin Meals

Food Beast’s 17 Miniature Meals You Can Make in a Muffin Pan  – Check out the Holy Mother of Prosciutto-Wrapped Mac and Cheese.

And of course, some health minded recipes from Eating Well .

So go forth, get some new tins and reinvent what “muffins” are all about.


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