The Beverage Air VCPW-1 Portable Walk In Cooler

Beverage Air VCPW-1 Portable Walk In Cooler

Beverage Air VCPW-1 Portable Walk In Cooler

It’s hard to find portable refrigeration that gives you the functionality of a stay-at-home walk-in cooler, but the new Beverage Air VCPW-1 takes portable refrigeration to a new level. In less than fifteen minutes, this 300 lbs. 4’ x 4’ x 30”h cooler extends to 6’6”h, delivering 105 cubic feet of internal storage. Add in the 115V (12 amp) refrigeration system, insulated cover, and pre-installed casters, and you have a highly mobile walk-in cooler that easily maintains temperatures of 36-40°F.

On the outside, the portable VCPW-1 might look like a giant cooler pack, but inside is exactly what you would expect from a standard walk-in cooler. Diamond tread non-slip floors provide solid surface traction for user safety, while the internal storage area spans 105 cubic feet, capable of supporting one thousand pounds.

Mobility can be invaluable, and the eight foot long power cord is great for setting up close to your food operations hub. Catering and other companies who are host to a number of events per week will benefit from the ability to not only quickly set-up and reach holding temperatures, but also stay cool for up to an hour when unplugged. This versatile design is also perfect for handling the demands of seasonal festivals or outdoor events where storage can be tucked away when not in use.

Best of all, the VCPW-1 is built to last and features a 3-year parts and labor warranty, including a 5 year compressor warranty. Whether you need to keep food and beverages fresh and cool or a contained space to safely thaw frozen meats, Beverage Air has a portable refrigeration solution for years to come.

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The Restaurant Source is a family owned and operated business, with Michael and his two sisters working here daily. His father and company founder Arnie Schatz has been in partial retirement, but is now working here daily alongside his daughters and the rest of our team.

Michael spent a great deal of his huge energy building a fantastic team here at the Restaurant Source. Talented, experienced, and dedicated to the business: it’s absolutely true that the entire Restaurant Source team considers themselves part of the family. With that in mind, we are dedicated to meeting Michael’s goals for our company. We are absolutely using this tragic news as a rallying point and a chance to make a difference in the business Michael built.

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