Mini-Me Desserts

These Nutella Cheesecake Trifles are on the agenda for today.  Over the last few years, dessert has been making a transition from towering layers of cake and fudge to delicate morsels that can be easily stacked on top of a fantastic meal.  In 2011 these mini-desserts were dubbed the “hot new trend” and they don’t seem to be losing steam.

The great part of this trend is that it’s busting the traditional end of meal dessert and allowing restaurants to offer indulgent treats meant to be impulsively enjoyed anytime.  Consider the cupcake phenomenon and how it has become a trend hot enough to create not only countless bakeries offering luscious little cakes, but reality TV offering timed competition and drama!

Seasons 52 offers miniature desserts in shot glasses.

Seasons 52 offers miniature desserts in shot glasses.

Food is beautiful and dessert is passion.  Creamy textures dancing with crunchy bits of blissful heaven, it doesn’t get any better than a tiny no-guilt piece of “I deserve this”.

Next time you’re out and about, consider a mini-dessert in the middle of the day.  It’ll taste as good as that after-school ice cream cone enjoyed on the way home.