How Do You Like Your Toast?

 Many people like their bread/bagels toasted to some degree.  Often times, people like to control the amount of “toasting” that is done to their bread/bagel.  A conveyer toaster is the best way to constantly alter the temperature, not to mention can hold a lot more bread at once, making it the most efficient option.

The Holman Conveyer Toaster from Star allows you to heat up to 350 slices of bread per hour, that’s a lot of sandwiches… The quartz infrared heater included in this toaster provides faster and more consistent heating then traditional heating elements.  Although this countertop toaster can toast a large volume, it is very compact and requires only 14-1/4” of countertop space.   This toaster is great for buffet lines and hotel breakfasts.  You can also utilize this toaster in the back of your restaurant if you are toasting larger amounts of bread.

This conveyer toaster is extremely energy efficient.  Its power saving switch allows you to reduce electricity consumption by 75%.  A crumb tray is included on the bottom of the toaster, making it extremely easy to clean and abolishing any worries of crumbs falling under the machine.

Holman Conveyer Toaster from Star

Star - Holman Conveyor Toaster - #QCS1-350

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