8 Things You Need in the Kitchen

There’s always going to be the newest coolest gadget out there that can slice and dice at amazing speed only to be used once or twice then be hidden away because it’s a hassle to clean or not quite as expected.  But there are some old necessities that any chef cannot be without.

We’ve gathered a short list of items you should buy before you step in the kitchen, home or professional.

A bamboo cutting board.


We chose this board because, come on, who hasn’t had an awkward corner in their workspace?

A good thermometer


Cooking temperature is important and you can’t just guess-timate all the time. Get yourself a good digital thermometer and a couple of analogs.  They all come in handy.

A professional blender


We’ve all suffered through margaritas from sub-par blenders.  Do yourself and your kitchen a favor by purchasing the best blender you can afford.

A convection oven


Seriously.  If you don’t believe us, talk to any professional baker about what it does for pie crusts.

Kitchen shears

20100914-kitchen-shears-primary-smallOne of the most overlooked tools among home chefs but never more than an arm’s reach in a professional kitchen, shears are a highly versatile piece of low-tech equipment you must have.

Dry measuring cups


You simply cannot bake properly without a set of dry measuring cups.  No, that old glass measuring cup with the spout will just not do.

A cast iron skillet


A properly maintained cast iron skillet can last generations and provide years of happy non-stick cooking without the chemical coatings.

A good Chef’s knife


There’s a lot of cutting to be done in the kitchen, and a good sharp knife saves not only your food but your fingers as well.  A knife that holds its edge will stay safer longer. Invest in good ones.


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