sad news

Michael Schatz, the President of Restaurant Source, passed away May 17th.

He leaves behind a beautiful family, a truly huge number of friends here in Denver and around the world, and he leaves us, his business family, to carry on without him.

The Restaurant Source is a family owned and operated business, with Michael and his two sisters working here daily. His father and company founder Arnie Schatz has been in partial retirement, but is now working here daily alongside his daughters and the rest of our team.

Michael spent a great deal of his huge energy building a fantastic team here at the Restaurant Source. Talented, experienced, and dedicated to the business: it’s absolutely true that the entire Restaurant Source team considers themselves part of the family. With that in mind, we are dedicated to meeting Michael’s goals for our company. We are absolutely using this tragic news as a rallying point and a chance to make a difference in the business Michael built.

If you have any questions on our business, please feel free to contact Terry McMaster at

If you have any questions on your business, and how we can help you meet your goals, contact any of our team members. 800-765-0274.


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