Store Bought is No Match for Homeade

 Wish you could make delicious fresh fruit juices rather then get the store bought kind?  I just love fresh fruit and vegetable juices!  Now, you can make these delicious fresh juices in addition to coulis, sorbets, ice creams, smoothies, jams and jellies with the Robot Coupe Juicer/Cuisine Kit

One of the best parts about this Cuisine Kit is that it can be used as the perfect add on for your R2N Food Processor!  Your customers will really appreciate the extra effort you went to in order to make homeade products.  Besides, it’s cheaper in the long run to make it on your own rather then buy it AND it tastes a lot better!  Free shipping is also included.

What’s better then fresh fruit juice or ice cream on a hot summer day?

Robot Coupe Juicer/Cuisine Kit

Robot Coupe - Juicer / Cuisine Kit for R2N Food Processor - #27393


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